Loads of things have slowed down over recent years, like me. The latest addition to the scene is football. Or rather low-impact football, walking football.

What is walking football?
In essence, football without running that more closely resembles the five-a-side than 11-a-side game. It was invented to inspire men over 50 to get more exercise and counter social isolation, and now thousands are rediscovering the joys of football by playing it at a more leisurely pace. We cheat as there is the odd under 50 who gets to play. We currently have a small group who seem to subscribe to the thought below:

Football is in our blood, and we can still do it, sort of.

The rules
There may be 52 rules listed on the WFU’s national tournament website, but the only one that can be agreed on is that one foot must remain on the ground at all times. “If it looks like running,” notes the WFU, “it probably is. Whistle.” Nevertheless, the rule is frequently broken when the players get excited and break into a light jog, the penalty for which is a free kick to the other team. We go with the flow at MAFC.

The areas of dispute
There are many. Some clubs rule the ball should not be kicked above head height, while others have no limit. Should free kicks be direct or indirect? Back passes: in some clubs, the goalkeeper is allowed to handle the ball if it is passed by a defender. For some teams, players are allowed only three touches before they have to pass, while others have no limit. Most clubs have a minimal contact rule, but some say there should be none at all. We don’t mind contact if it’s fair!

The big players
Walking football has won the support of professionals including Harry Kane, Geoff Hurst, Alan Shearer and Fabrice Muamba, so if it is good enough for them, you may just be good enough for it.

Come and give it a try at
Monifieth High School
Thursdays from 7 – 8pm
£30 for October to December
£30 for January to March

James Harle on 07895 532909

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