2011 was a very good year for these lads. It was the year they were born and is also coincidentally the name of their football team ๐Ÿ˜‰ MAFC 2011 are a dynamic and energetic bunch who are, this year, making the transition from small sided games and mini festivals to competitive(ish) 7 aside matches. It is all positions, skills and tactics for the boys as they embrace the challenges of the next stage in their footballing journey.

The commitment, work rate, energy and dedication the squad has shown in the last few years has been outstanding and they have really bonded as a team: they have laid down a solid foundation on which to build and develop in the years to come.

Fair play and effort is at the heart of all we do and these sporting values are nurtured at every training session and match. Win or lose we will shake your hand (or give you a friendly elbow bump), build on our successes and work on improving our game. We look forward to your support as we embark on our exciting journey as a team. Come and give us a cheer next time youโ€™re passing.